About Us

We are a small team of game developers, academics, researchers, and engineers with a passion for video games. The founding team has worked on products such as Oculus, Windows, Bluetooth, Viddy, game engines, video games; taught game programming to 100s of students, started Starcraft competitions and build large scale cloud services.  
A team selfie of the Jabali team
A picture of the Jabali team sitting together
Jabali was founded in 2023 by Vatsal Bhardwaj, who has a unique background as a former Amazon and Meta executive, game maker at Zynga, and Storm8. He has built video games played by over a billion players and game developer tools used by the largest game developers and independent developers. 

Vatsal has experienced the challenges of making video games first hand and has made game technology for game developers. The problem of democratizing video game development has remained with him for the last decade. 
Arnav Jhala, who was a Professor of Computer Science at NC State University, specializing in AI and video games, joined Jabali shortly after the company was founded as an advisor and later as a co-founder.

Arnav has published over 100+ scientific papers in the areas of AI and video games in AAAI, IEEE and his students have gone on to start starcraft competition and hold executive roles at some of the largest game companies.
A group selfie of the Jabali team.
Toufeeq Hussain, who has an exceptional blend of engineering + product + GTM joined as the founding product leader.  Formerly he was Firefox/Linux contributor,  software engineer at Infosys, founding PM at Viddy, led game services at AWS  and an avid gamer.

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